On Monday, Townhall reported that Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced that President Trump is looking to strip former White House officials of their security clearance.

Townhall had more information:

“The White House announcement follows a report that Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, as well as Sen. Rand Paul and other lawmakers, are calling for former Obama administration official John Brennan to be stripped on his security clearance.  Rand Paul said that he planned to ask President Trump to revoke it.

In the press briefing on Monday, Sarah Sanders mentioned the names of those who could have their security clearance revoked. Not surprisingly, all of these names have one thing in common: They have been highly critical of President Trump. Also, Brennan now works for NBC. Clapper works for CNN. Both have been accused of using their security clearances to obtain information that is then used in their reporting on their respective news channels.

However, there is one name surprisingly absent from the list, that of the Democratic contender for the presidency in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton. “

The Daily Caller reported on the event:

“’Frankly, I was shocked that Hillary, the chief culprit, was omitted,’ retired Col. James Williamson told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Williamson, who was in special operations for 30 years and has held a top-level security since 1982, is president of OPSEC, a nonpartisan organization representing retired special forces and intelligence community officials.”

Townhall continued:

“The Vice President of OPSEC, retired Col. James Warishuk, who also served on the National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, agreed with Williamson. Hillary Clinton ‘moved classified information from the State Department to a private server,’ said Waurishuk, ‘Her clearance should have been immediately revoked and proper action taken to have her removed. She still carries that crime… She was a risk…That is one of the things you look at. Is this person a risk? And yes, she was a risk. From that standpoint, she should have her clearance revoked.'”

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