Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary was recently asked if President Trump sets a good example for how women should be treated in the workplace and Sanders proceeds to take down the reporter and squash any kind of notion that the reporter was trying to insinuate, reports Breitbart.

“Certainly, as a woman myself, I’ve never felt anything but treated with the highest level of respect and been empowered to do my job,” she said. “And I think that’s what I’ve seen the President do, day in and day out, since we’ve been here and during the campaign.”

Sanders said that Trump’s actions were “a pretty good start and a pretty good example” of how women should be treated in the workplace.

The reporter pushed even further and asked if the White House was making sure that the women working there were aware of the policy of sexual harassment and whether or not they were having seminars and meetings like most workplaces around the country are now doing.

Sanders confirmed that the employees were reminded of legal expectations of serving in the White House, but also personal expectations.

“I think all of us expect each person to live up and to meet those policies, and to not cross a line that is not only not legal but not appropriate or not ethical,” she concluded.

Sanders quelled the notion that President Trump does not respect women, especially after the women who have accused Trump of inappropriate behavior towards them have come forward again, quelling these rumors and talking about how President Trump runs his White House is important now more than ever.