Liberals have spent the last 40 or 50 years doing everything in their power to prevent Christians from freely practicing their faith in public. States often cannot have Christian monuments on public grounds. People are criticized for saying Merry Christmas. Having an opinion based on your religious belief is seen as wrong.

But that has not always been the case, this is a relatively new development in American society and the above picture of New York City, probably the liberal capital of the United States today, lit up with 3 large crosses. The photo appeared as the cover story for a newspaper in 1956. The headline reads “Come to Church Sunday.”

The above paper was published the week of Easter, with the headline encouraging people to attend an Easter service the following Sunday. The actual article is then a list of churches in the New York City area. Because the article itself was published sometime before Easter that means the photo was taken before Easter as well.

So not only were Christians allowed to publish in the paper where and when their Easter, probably the single most important Christian holiday other than Christmas, services would be, they were able to light up the New York City skyline just in the week leading up to Easter.

Nowadays Christians can’t even take an ad out in the paper without liberal atheists throwing a fit claiming that they are pushing religion down their throats. Let alone put up such a powerful display on their most sacred holiday.