Thanks to the kneeling NFL players through the entire season, social justice charities have been making a killing, while ticket prices for a recent Buffalo Bills game are going for three dollars, reports The Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire reports that social justice charities will receive around $89 million in “settlement” money over the NFL protests and the funds are being redirected from veterans and breast cancer charity funds.

The ticket sales for NFL games are now going for around $12 for an upper-level seat, which is slightly up from when the Independent Journal Review checked it and found the seats at $4, but still, $12 is extremely low from the typical price of around $30.

The Daily Wire also notes that tickets for a Buffalo Bill’s game are not too in demand right now, but even big-name teams aren’t faring too much better either.

Tickets to see the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field are going for around $20, tickets to see the Green Bay Packers start at around $20.

Not all teams have bargain prices like this, but tickets are available for nearly every NFL franchise at deeply discounted prices.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have some of the nation’s most devoted and enthusiastic fans, but snagging a seat at Heinz field usually run around $65.

In previous seasons, Steelers tickets could cost as much as $250 per game, when you could even get them.

It has been reported to be so bad for the NFL that the NFL broadcasts have taken to hire people to pose as fans. The listing is not confirmed but one Philadelphia newspaper claims that FOX advertised for “actors, models, and talent” to work Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Los Angeles Chargers.

I bet those NFL executives are wishing they would have fired those kneeling players right about now.