This Christmas, President Trump decided to personally pay for hundreds of Christmas dinner meals served Monday to law enforcement officers charged with protecting him throughout the day at his residence in Mar-A-Lago, reports The Daily Caller.

Noah Gray, a reporter from CNN first broke the information that Trump was providing the officers’ meals while spending time with his family in his golf resort in Florida.

Turns out it wasn’t just local police forces he was providing the meals for but his own secret service as well.

It also doesn’t sound like Trump skimped on what was served either, with a full spread of Turkey and desserts.

Trump did not schedule any public events on Christmas day, but he did release his first Christmas message to the American people as a sitting president on Sunday morning. The video features First Lady Melania and showcases all of the charitable work the president and his wife have been doing over the Holiday season and of course giving thanks to our arms services.

It’s nice to have a president who is finally giving the armed forces and the police officers who defend them day and night a nice tribute that they deserve and a president who shows the true meaning of the Christmas spirit.