Megyn Kelly’s new show is set to debut in June on NBC. It will air on Sunday night as a competitor to “60 Minutes.”

Her daily show will debut in September though. And there is already controversy surrounding it. It seems NBC didn’t have a concrete plan when they signed the former Fox News star:

“There is no contemplation of her having a regular role on the 7-9 [hours of the “Today” show],” Oppenheim told THR. “She’ll appear on all the broadcasts of NBC News occasionally. If she gets a big interview, she’s going to present pieces [on different broadcasts].”

The article also reported that Oppenheim isn’t sure whether the program will air at 9 or 10 a.m.

Kelly’s highly-anticipated morning show will premiere in September on NBC, which was news that caught many people off-guard — especially some of those at “Today.” Tamron Hall famously decided to leave the network when she heard that Kelly’s show would replace her and Al Roker’s “Today’s Take,” which is something that Oppenheim doesn’t “necessarily accept.”

So what do you think, will you watch her Sunday show or daily show?

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