Oftentimes electability polls become self-fulfilling prophecies in that a candidate seen as most electable is the candidate voters increasingly are willing to support.

That reality has been arguably the greatest contributor to Hillary Clinton’s restored inevitability as Democrat nominee, and now it’s a label being applied to Donald Trump.

According to a recent Associated Press poll, 70% of Republican registered voters view Trump as the most electable candidate among the wide GOP field.

Among the polls results, Ben Carson also is seen by 60% of the poll’s respondent as “able to win” the general election one year from now.

Jeb Bush was given similar electability marks but fell short on the favorability rating with only 48% who view him in a positive light.

Probably most surprising in the poll is that a full 77% of the respondents indicated they prefer an “outsider” candidate for the GOP nomination who hasn’t been a career politician. That narrows the field for these voters to Trump, Caron and Fiorina.

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