The latest CBS poll conducted May 17-20 shows that President Trump’s chances for reelection are looking pretty great regardless of the Democratic candidate. For example, 71% of respondents felt the economy was in good shape, including 60% of Democrats polled, compared with 2018 when only 32% of those polled credited President Trump for the economic gains. Now 41% acknowledge his role-not Obama’s-in fueling the economy. Even CNN admitted, “Voters don’t like to punish incumbents when the economy feels fine.” And with a Cold War with Iran on the horizon, what’s not to like?

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

According to the results of a CBS poll conducted between May17-20, the chances of president Trump getting elected look pretty strong, as the poll found 71% of respondents felt the economy was in good shape. 94% of Republicans and 66% of Independents agreed, and even an astonishing 60% of Democrats echoed the sentiment.

Additionally, the poll found that as opposed to the beginning of 2018, when only 32% of respondents gave Trump credit for the strong economy, that figure has risen to 41%. Another 44% gave Trump partial credit for the strong economy.

In the last four months, the percentage of respondents who are optimistic about the stock market rose from 49% to 56%. 64% of respondents felt reasonably confident about their own financial situation.