Does your child listen to hard-core metal?  Well, according to the Canadian government, then they might be a neo-Nazi.

The police department of Calgary, Canada has recently issued a series of “tips” on how parents can recognize the signs to see if their child is becoming a neo-Nazi, including what kind of music they listen too.

In “Signs of a Child Being Part of a Hate Group” the department lists listening to “loud, heavy music with violent lyrics” as a sign of being a Nazi.

This falls in line with a popular trend going around toady where anything remotely leaning away from a liberal agenda is painted over with a broad-brush definition of “fascism.” Politicians, bureaucrats, and now even musicians are being labeled as “fascist” and their livelihoods are in jeopardy because of it.

Some other bullet points that the Calgary police department thought were useful in spotting potential Nazis are listed here, as reported by MRCTV:

Sudden lack of interest in school. (Because, ya know, school is so much fun, who wouldn’t be delighted to get up early and be made a captive to a propaganda machine for nearly seven hours a day?)

Adopting new groups of friends and staying out late without any explanation. (Unless those friends are part of a school-organized activity, then it’s perfectly fine.)

Violence or secretive behavior. (So, wouldn’t violence be bad enough to get a parent to be concerned, regardless of the inspiration for that violence? Wouldn’t folks investigate violence? And what does the Calgary PD mean by “secretive”? Do they mean more secretive than teens almost invariably are?)

Overt hostility to parents and family, disobedience, rudeness. (Teens rarely, if ever exhibit this kind of behavior, remember that now…)

Racist graffiti, drawings, and doodling. (Because, ya know, regular graffiti is, like, totally fine.)

Stereotyping and scapegoating of certain groups: name calling, racial and religious slurs in conversation at all times. (Isn’t this exactly what Antifa does? Oh, and do not visit a comedy club, please. The comedians might all be neo-Nazis.)

Making racist or bigoted comments about minorities, immigrants, or foreigners.

A marked repugnance to consider certain ethnic or religious groups as fully Canadian or even human. (Insert tasteless jokes about Canadians at your own risk.)

Wearing or displaying Nazi propaganda and symbols such as swastikas or the Iron Cross and/or military clothing and paraphernalia.

Changing their appearance. (Teens never do this. They only do so if they are neo-Nazis.)

What is interesting about this whole situation though, is that the Calgary police have employed classic fascist tactics, just as current Antifa protesters do, by using the collectivist state to take people’s tax money and blacklist or tarnish certain kinds of music and behavior.

One safe bet, to spot potential neo-Nazi’s is too probably wait till you see swastikas appearing around and then you may want to intervene.

As for now, teenagers doing teenager things, as well as conservatives using their first amendment right to free speech should not be labeled “Nazis” or “fascists.”


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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.