An explosive new report indicates the laptop that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fought to keep from police may have been planted for investigators to find. The details surrounding its discovery are like something out of a spy novel.

The laptop was discovered in a tiny room on Capitol Hill that served as a phone booth.

At 3:00 AM.

And it had a notebook attached to it with the words “attorney-client privilege” written on the pages. Also, they found the Pakistani ID Card of Schultz’s IT aide Imran Awan. His driver’s license and congressional ID badge were also found. It was also found in the Rayburn building, which is odd because Schultz’s office is in the Longworth building. He had no business there.

And letters to the U.S. Attorney were included. It is unclear what the letter said.

Although the Florida Democrat said it was Awan’s computer and not hers, the username was “RepDWS.” On February 2nd, Awan was banned from the congressional computer network. However, he still had access to House facilities because Schultz refused to fire him. She later claimed the entire thing was concocted out of Islamophobia.

Schultz also changed her story:

“Wasserman Schultz used a televised May 18, 2017 congressional hearing on the Capitol Police budget to threaten ‘consequences’ if Chief Matthew Verderosa did not give her the laptop. “If a member loses equipment,” it should be given back, she said.

“Verderosa told her the laptop couldn’t be returned because it was tied to a criminal suspect. Wasserman Schultz reiterated that, while Awan was a suspect, the computer should be returned because it is ‘a member’s … if the member is not under investigation.’

“She changed her story two months later, claiming it was Awan’s laptop — bought with taxpayer funds from her office — and she had never seen it. She said she only sought to protect Awan’s rights. ‘This was not my laptop,’ she said August 3. ‘I have never seen that laptop. I don’t know what’s on the laptop.’”

Awan was arrested at Dulles International Airport after attempting to flee the country. The FBI charged him with four counts of bank fraud over a wire transfer of nearly $300,000 meant to go to Pakistan.

Schultz appears to have wanted police to not look into the discovered laptop. But it seems that Awan wanted police to find it after leaving it in a suspicious place. It seems highly unlikely Awan left all of that evidence accidentally:

“Leaving important items there accidentally would seem extremely unlikely, according to Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican, former prosecutor, and member of the House Judiciary Committee.

“’Imran Awan is a calculating person who made great efforts to cover his tracks, both electronically and physically,’ Gohmert told TheDCNF. ‘Placing that laptop with his personal documents, which may well incriminate him, those he worked for, or both, in the dead of night in a House office building, was a deliberate act by a cunning suspect, and it needs to be investigated.’”

Here is what was written in the police report:

“On 4/6/2017 at 0021 hours, with the building closed to the public, AOC informed USCP Rayburn offices of an unattended bag in the phone booth on the 2nd floor. The officer received the open-contents visible bag and prepared a found property report. While reviewing the inventory of the bag contents, the officer found #1 a Pakistani ID card with the name Mohommed Ashraf Awan
#2 a copy – not original – of a drivers license with name Imran Awan
#3 a copy (front and back) of his congressional ID
#4 an Apple laptop with the homescreen initials ‘RepDWS’
#5 composition notebooks with notes handwritten saying ‘attorney client privilege’ and possibly discussing case details below
#6 loose letters addressed to US Attorney of DC discussing the apparent owner of the bag being investigated. Approximately 3-4 months ago officer was requested by SAA as police presence of 4 individuals being interviewed, including the bag owner. It is unknown to the officer whether he is still employed.”