After last week’s protest in St. Louis, the police cracked down hard on rioters and put a damper on some of Antifa’s weaponry.

And the St. Louis Police Department was not afraid to show the loot they confiscated.

Protests in St. Louis lasted for at least the last 3 days and one radio host told ‘Fox & Friends.’

“These types of incidents don’t help” in trying to prevent St. Louis’ issues, which include a shrinking population and businesses leaving the city, he said. “The root cause is that young black kids don’t have their fathers, their families.”

It got so bad in the city that U2 lead singer Bono had to cancel their concert there.

“Deeply saddened at what has happened in St. Louis and having to cancel our show tonight,” Bono’s statement read. “I found myself reading Dr. King’s speech from the National Cathedral and asking myself is this 1968 or 2017?”

The violence must end and Antifa must be shutdown.