House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday about whether it is appropriate for Rep. Devin Nunes (or Dennis as Pelosi knows him) to release the memo he has about the FBI’s possible mishandling of the Russia investigation into possible collusion with the Trump campaign, reports The American Mirror.

She lectured host Chris Cuomo as he asked about the FISA memo the House Intelligence Committee voted to release publicly earlier in the day.

When asked if she thinks it will “put lives at stake if the memo comes out,” Pelosi responded, “We’re not saying that intelligence that is necessary for other countries to share with us, why would they put it at the mercy of Dennis Nunes, who doesn’t even memo and say to the American people should see it,” she said incoherently, calling Devin Nunes by the wrong first name.

Cuomo was clearly struggling to make Pelosi understand him and Pelosi herself was very hard to follow.

“The American people — they have their own jobs to do. They’re not there saying, ‘Now I’m going to redact the memo because I know what is true and what is false,” Pelosi said.

“No, I’m saying you guys redact what you need to redact and let the American people decide,” Cuomo responded.

“But they– that’s not, that’s the way intelligence works,” Pelosi stammered. “You, you — that’s not the way it works,” she repeated. Clearly close to almost losing it and not being able to even make complete sentences, so instead she chooses to insult him.

Pelosi attempted to change the subject before Cuomo dragged her back to the fact that Democrats don’t want Americans to read the analysis.

When Cuomo said FBI Director Christopher Wray could say it would be “reckless” to release the memo, Pelosi lectured, “Let me just say this with all due respect, “You really don’t know what you’re talking about right now,” sternly staring at the host.

Cuomo still tried to make sense of Pelosi’s point and said that Democrats should just redact what they think would be a threat to national security and then release the rest of the memo. Pelosi doesn’t buy that and goes on the mumble something else about how it is their duty to not release the memo.

If anyone, it sounds like Pelosi is the one who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Either way their argument became pointless on Friday after President Trump approved the release of the memo and now we can all see for ourselves what it said.