It’s official: Rep. Paul Ryan has become Speaker of the House after clearing enough hurdles to win a majority vote.

Despite that 45 Republican members voted against him, Ryan’s favor among House conservatives combined with overwhelming approval from many Democrats ultimately pushed him over the 217 vote threshold.

The selection of Ryan at age 45 makes him the youngest Speaker in 150 years with the average age of the House leader in that time being 62.

Ryan steps into the job amid immediate heat with the battle of the debt ceiling bill which proposes a budget increase of $80 billion over the next two years.

Conservative media members have already begun labeling Ryan as more of the same after he failed to oppose the deal, which Rush Limbaugh claimed was designed to remove the issue from debate during 2016 election.

Ryan enters the post amid a House that has been in disarray for weeks after John Boehner announced he is resigning from Congress.

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