It is no surprise is no fan of Donald Trump. And although the media is supposed to be unbiased and present facts for people to make up their minds for themselves, we rarely see that in action. And every once and awhile we see bias so egregious it is downright laughable.

Case in point is this side-by-side picture of two articles, from the same author, on different days. Elizabeth Wellington is the Fashion Writer for She published an article on July 18th with the headline, “Melania Trump’s RNC fashion: A scary statement.”

Then on July 28th she published an article entitled “DNC Fashion: Hillary Clinton looked presidential in an all-white pantsuit.”

Here’s the thing: They both wore all white clothes.

In fact, Wellington’s Melania Trump article doesn’t even have much to do with fashion. It’s all about her hatred for Donald Trump and his policy positions. And the Clinton article is a slobbering embrace of someone who is clearly the hero of the author.

If Republicans can’t catch a break in the low stakes world of online fashion critiques, where can they catch a break?

Check out the picture for yourself: