No surprise, the liberal media forgot to do their homework again.

The ABC talk show “The View” welcomed Omarosa Manigault onto their show to discuss the first week of the Trump Presidency. Manigault is a former contestant on President Trump’s former show, the Apprentice. In addition, she now works for the Trump Administration as an assistant.

The real homework that the women on the view forgot to do is remembering how quick Omarosa is to shut down anyone who says something she does not want to hear. After all, for her work on the Apprentice, she was ranked as one of “The 60 Nastiest TV Villains of All Time” by TV Guide in 2013.

The panelist who suffered the most from this was Joy Behar. She kept trying to be cutesy by referencing Trump’s tax returns but Omarosa wanted nothing to do with it so she just kept on talking about what she wanted to, thanking her husband for traveling to watch her.

Manigault left Behar with a little parting gift before the segment ended. She was talking about her husband and how even though they had different political views they were still happy.

“He brings me such joy, Joy.

“And I hope that you one day, you could find that kind of joy, Joy, in your life.”

Maybe Joy Behar and the rest of the panel should have looked into Omarosa’s past a little before bringing her onto the show. Their situation also could have been helped if they had, you know, focused on actual facts instead of just ‘tax returns’.