Among the most frequent gripes by the left for George W. Bush’s presidency was the number of rounds of golf he played and the trips to his Texas trips he enjoyed.

But after Barack Obama assumed the White House, left media highlights of presidential vacations and political trips suddenly were non-news.

But thanks to watch-dog groups like Judicial Watch, the extensive and expensive schedule of the most traveled president in history has been made public.

Known for spending double-digit millions on single vacation events alone, Obama’s 2015 itinerary takes the cake in the seven-year stint in the White House.

According to records from a recent Judicial Watch FOIA request, President Obama’s golf outing and fundraising trips for 2015 cost taxpayers more than $4.4 million just in travel expenses…for February and March alone.

In one instance, Obama flew to Palm Springs to play golf requiring a five-hour flight at a cost to taxpayers of over $1 million.

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