A leaked memo from the Department of Homeland Security indicates the Obama administration is exploring options on how to circumvent federal courts on amnesty.

After the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction barring the administration from processing additional amnesty applications, DHS planned a “Regulations Retreat” over the summer.

The purpose of the retreat, according to the leaked memo, was to explore and plan alternative options for continued processing of “Employment Authorization Documents” or work visas.

The memo indicates that DHS officials have drawn up four options for how to work around the injunction and continue with Obama’s plan to process millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S.

Ironically, the existence of the memo itself will likely embolden the case being made by the 26-state coalition in its suit against the Obama administration on amnesty.

The suit argues that the amnesty program forces state governments to make costly changes to comply with the work visas, which represents an unconstitutional imposition from the federal government.

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