Voting booth

While Mike Pence was governor, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials tried to hack the electoral system in Indiana. The Daily Caller reports their system was hit with at least 14,800 “scans” between November 1, 2016 and December 16, 2016.

This is the second confirmed IT scan by DHS officials by the Obama Administration. Georgia was also attacked on Election night. Kentucky and West Virginia may have also been attacked by DHS. President Obama attempted to increase involvement in state and local elections on behalf of the federal government. He deemed these systems “critical infrastructure.”

Indiana IT officials traced the hacks to a computer IP address with the DHS. Federal officials are not allowed to penetrate a state system without express permission from the state. None was given in Indiana or Georgia.

The hacks were unsuccessful.

Some experts argue this type of intrusion could be used to silence political opposition in the future:

“Governmental deployment of IT technology could be an evolving new tool against political opponents or to impose censorship, according to James Scott, a senior fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, a cybersecurity think tank.

“‘Censorship has always been an issue in the brick-and-mortar world. So, censorship in the digital landscape is simply just transference of methods,’ Scott said. ‘I think within federal agencies it is possible to imagine that there are some overreaching, aggressive managers.'”

The DHS is investigating the attacks on the Georgia Election System. So far no anouncement has been made about Indiana.

(H/T Daily Caller)