Many mainstream media outlets have stated that special counsel Robert Mueller is “entitled” to interview President Donald Trump in his investigation, but this isn’t the case, the New York Post reported.

“For months now, says former Watergate prosecutor Jon Sale at The Hill, pundits have ‘propagated the myth’ that special counsel Robert Mueller is entitled to interview President Trump in order to determine his ‘knowledge and intent.’ But Mueller ‘is not so entitled, and the president should not do it,’ warns Sale. Fact is, government prosecutors conduct similar cases every day without the benefit of such interviews. And Trump’s legal team is right that all a sitdown can do is help Mueller ‘advance an arguable case against the president.’ Frankly, given Trump’s conclusion — rightly or wrongly — that Mueller’s probe is ‘conducted by partisans who have pre-determined’ his guilt, a voluntary interview would be ‘tantamount to walking into the lion’s den.'”

In his Fox News interview Monday morning, Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani said he believes the Russia investigation should end in September, later adding that Mueller himself said that he might be able to get his report done by September 1.

“Absolutely it should be terminated,” Giuliani said. “He should put out his report, tell the American people what he has and they can evaluate it, they are entitled to this information before he shouldn’t hold it try to manipulate the election the way Comey did, I don’t think he wants to do that.”

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