NRATV released a chilling video in light of the recent “March for Our Lives” marches happening across the nation this weekend that points out a lot of the hypocritical messages on guns the left keeps spitting out and how the liberal media is using these children as their political prop, reports Conservative Tribune.

The video features host Colion Noir who talks about how the Parkland survivors are politicizing the tragedy to advocate for gun control that “nobody would know your names” if their school resource officer acted how a Maryland high school resource officer did who saved a number of kids.

The liberal media isn’t reporting about Officers like Blaine Gaskill who works at a Maryland high school when a student opened fire in the hallway striking two students. Gaskill used the firearm that was on him to fatally wound the shooter, and Gaskill was not injured in the process.

Instead Noir points out that the liberal media is “running Season 5 of their gun-control reality show, featuring the freshest cast of characters yet in their modern march on Washington.”

Meanwhile, Gaskill has been hailed as a hero after his actions at Great Mills High School in Lexington Park, Maryland.

The story noted that “Gaskill’s rapid response was hailed for short-circuiting the attack before it became another school massacre.”

Noir’s point is the video is to show what having gun protection in school can do for the children there, and taking away guns from a mass shooting situation isn’t the answer to protect more kids from having to go through what Parkland had to.

Almost immediately after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, Everytown for Gun Safety and one of its subsidiaries launched a petition to have the streaming channel removed from four major streaming platforms run by Apple, Google, Amazon and Roku.

Roku responded that since the channels are curated by users, there was no reason for them to remove NRATV from their choice of channels; users could simply choose not to add it or to remove it. The other three giants stayed away from addressing the issue. In the wake of this video, however, that could change.

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