The Florida State House voted down a motion to take up a bill that would ban assault rifles, which comes just a few weeks after the deadly attack on a South Florida high school that left 17 people dead, reports The Daily Caller.

The motion reportedly failed by a 36-71 vote. The Florida House opened its session Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Kionne McGhee asked for a procedural move that would have allowed it to consider a bill to ban assault rifles and large capacity magazines.

The desire for this ban is an obvious reaction to a 19-year-old walking into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where he killed 17 people with an assault rifle.

Since the shooting many students from the high school have been very vocal in their support of creating harsher gun control laws and are blaming lawmakers and anyone who has been supported by the National Rifle Association for the deaths of their fellow classmates.

Students all across South Florida and the Tampa Bay have staged walkouts on Wednesday calling for better gun control and some students protesting in from of the Florida State Capitol.

Some students went into Florida State Senate President’s office demanding to speak with him but were told to leave.

Not every student from Major High School is on the side of the liberals though. In a hilarious interview with ABC’s Brian Williams, he gets embarrassed when he doesn’t receive the response he expected from the student Brandon Minoff.

Minoff believes that the media are taking advantage of this terrible tragedy to capitalize off of it and make it political as most Democratic lawmakers are doing as well.

“I think it’s the media,” Minoff said, referring to whom he believes is promoting the gun control narrative in response to the shooting. “They exploit everything to make it political. They’re more concerned about gun control at this moment rather than the fact that there were 17 people that were killed.”

“It pains me to see that knowing that 17 of my classmates are dead and they just want to talk about gun control,” he continued. “Students have opinions, they say stuff that they’re against guns, and that gun control is necessary, but they’re making it bigger than it needs to be at this moment.”

I’m sure there are more students like Minoff in that high school who are simply just too afraid to speak out against their liberal classmates who have been given a huge platform to express their views from other liberal news sources, lest they are ostracized in their community for expressing their own opinion on such a serious matter.

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