The Canadian government recently announced they will pay over $100 million in reparations to gays and lesbians. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also offered a formal apology to homosexuals who claimed they were discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. This stems from a class action lawsuit in which claimants said they “were reprimanded, sanctioned, denied promotion, fired, or even imprisoned as a result of their sexual orientation.”

This is the largest financial compensation package ever paid to people claiming discrimination over sexual orientation. Claimants say they were cut from various jobs in the federal government and military:

“The payment is reportedly part of an agreement-in-principle reached on Friday between victims of the purge, who filed a class-action lawsuit, and the federal government. The government is also ready to pardon and expunge the records of those who were convicted under laws which criminalized homosexuality, it is reported.

“Around 3,000 people may be eligible to make a claim, as many others have died following the purge, which ended in the 1990s. Some of the victims are believed to have killed themselves after having their careers ruined. The level of compensation will be determined by an adjudicator based on the degree of harm they suffered.

“Funds will also go towards creating a memorial in Ottawa for victims of past LGBTQ discrimination, and on education and memorialization projects across the country. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), more than $100 million will be spent on compensation, while $250,000 will go towards community projects to combat homophobia and to provide support for people in crisis.”

And they’re not the only country taking these steps:

“The Great White North is just one of several nations in the past year to offer its regrets to LGBTQ community for prior transgressions. In February, the U.K. posthumously pardoned 49,000 convicted prior to the repeal of its anti-homosexuality laws in 1967. The German Parliament voted in June to pardon 50,000 men imprisoned under Paragraph 175 of its criminal code, which was abolished in 1994.”

The grievances made by gay Canadians could also be made in the United States. People have lost their jobs in the federal government and military due to their sexual orientation.

So should the United States pay reparations to homosexuals who were denied or lost their jobs? VOTE:

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