CNN came in behind Nickelodeon and Home and Garden Television and just a few slots above the History Channel in the latest cable network ratings, which is to say they came in very poorly when it comes to TV ratings, reports The Western Journal.

Meanwhile, Fox News Channel topped the list as the most watched network on cable television for the 18th straight week in a row, AdWeek reported, based on Nielsen Media Research ratings for the week of May 14 to May 20.

Coming in behind Fox were Turner Network Television, MSNBC, Nickelodeon, and Home and Garden Television.

CNN ranked No. 7 followed closely by USA Network, the History Channel and Food Network.

Every one of Fox’s prime-time news programs topped CNN’s by approximately one million viewers or more, with “Tucker Carlson Tonight” enjoying a 1.4 million edge over “Anderson Cooper 360,” and “Hannity” with close to two million more viewers.

Adweek reported that “Hannity” marked its 8th consecutive week as the most-watched cable news program and its 4th week topping the 25-54 demographic.

Fox Business Network continued to outdistance rival CNBC in business day coverage for the 14th straight week.

For the week of May 14-18, FBN averaged 177,000 viewers compared to CNBC’s 158,000. During the market hours from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., FBN delivered an average 179,000 viewers to CNBC’s 162,000.

“Lou Dobbs Tonight” was the No. 1 business news program with 306,000 tuning in.

Additionally, “Varney & Co” dominated its CNBC competition for the week with 223,000 total viewers compared to 161,000 viewers, marking a full year as the most-watched market program on television.

DePauw University communications professor Jeff McCall argued in a piece for The Hill in March that CNN has lost its way with its excessive coverage of salacious stories and with White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s constant attempts to position himself as the Trump administration’s “harshest antagonist.”

“There might well be journalism to be had in the sagas of (Karen) McDougal and (Stormy) Daniels, but CNN has found little of it,” McCall wrote. “At some point, the sensational must lead to news of substance.”

The Media Research Center’s NewsBusters concluded that “CNN has a porn problem.”

“In less than two months (from March 7 to April 30), (Daniels’ attorney Michael) Avenatti has been a guest on CNN a total of 59 times — an average of more than once per day,” according to the media watchdog group.

During the period from March 7 to May 10, The Washington Free Beacon found “Avenatti’s favorite shows include CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ (at least 20 interviews), MSNBC’s ‘The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell’ (14), CNN’s ‘New Day’ (12), CNN’s ‘Tonight with Don Lemon’ (eight), and MSNBC’s ‘Deadline White House’ (seven).”

CNN’s Acosta often seems bent on trying to create the sensational.

In January, the reporter strongly implied Trump was a racist to his face, questioning him in the Oval Office regarding immigration.

“Just Caucasian or white countries or do you want people to come in from other parts of the world where there are people of color?” Acosta asked.

Trump and Acosta have had several exchanges over the past year, with Trump labeling him as part of “fake news” CNN in January 2017 following the network’s unsubstantiated Russia dossier reporting. The president downgraded CNN to “very fake news” the following month.

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