While millionaire NFL players won’t bother to respect the flag and stand for the national anthem during their games, a 94-year-old World War II veteran and longtime serving senator who is wheelchair bound stood during the presentation of the flag, reports CNS News.

Bob Dole received the Congressional Gold Medal earlier this week in a ceremony that included Republican and Democrat leadership as well as President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Dole is a former Senator from Kansas and was honored at the ceremony for being particularly instrumental in the commissioning of the World War II Veterans Memorial.

Dole, despite being disabled and bound to a wheelchair was still able to stand, with the help of an aide, to give respect to our country and especially those who died for our country’s freedom.

Dole would know better than most lawmakers and NFL players what it truly means to stand for the playing of the National anthem since he served in one of the deadliest wars in the world and was even injured during his time in Italy during World War II.

Dole not only served his country admirably during a deadly situation that did actually put American freedom in danger but he also served the government honorably when he was the Republican Leader of the Senate from 1985 till 1996.

These whinny football players don’t understand the risks and dedication that Dole has put on the line for his country and it means a lot more to see this 94-year-old man stand up from his wheelchair for his country than some millionaire football player who probably has the money to fix himself if he is ever injured to the point of being in a wheelchair.

Everyone should take notice of Dole’s life and heroic achievements and it is proof that even the smallest of acts can show how much you love your country and your dedication to it.