The mainstream media loved to criticize Pence for not eating alone with any women, other than his wife. Due to this the media constantly labeled him as a misogynistic and sexist. I really don’t know what is so wrong about believing that you should only be hanging out with your wife alone. For some reason they think he is saying that all women are just there as objects. What he is actually saying is that sometimes if you have a little too much to drink then you can’t control yourself. What he is actually doing is the standard of how all men should lead their lives.

If you are in a relationship, you should not be hanging out alone with a member of the opposite sex. Why leftists want you to cheat on your significant other is unknown to me. Apparently the rest of America agrees with Pence. This is a huge surprise considering its so awful to remain faithful to your significant other. The media outlet who published these shocking findings is, none other than, The New York Times.

Breitbart quotes Claire Cain, the analyst of the findings, saying:

“A majority of women, and nearly half of men, say it’s unacceptable to have dinner or drinks alone with someone of the opposite sex other than their spouse.”

Well this is just a huge breakthrough in the way people’s minds work. I guess everyone in the U.S. is a feminist or a misogynist. Okay enough with the sarcasm, but seriously did they expect something else? I guess if the media stopped spending time bashing Trump and Pence they may learn something about the people of this country.