It seems that Megyn Kelly is really, really, really….really struggling to get her Sunday Night show off the ground. An article we published two weeks ago talked about how her show “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” on NBC was struggling immensly. In fact her viewership ratings were so low that they were beaten by re-runs of Americas Funniest Home Videos and beat by the ratings of the show she was supposed to replace, CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

Her ratings were also beat by a re-run of Dateline that aired in her spot on July 4th weekend (Sunday July 2nd) as she took the week off. That week’s re-run of Dateline drew 3.73 million viewers. Megyn Kelly on July 9th drew 3.21 million viewers and on the 16th she drew 3.1 million, her season low.

However, this past weekend, Megyn Kelly had season changing viewership. Her viewership was a whopping 2.71 million viewers. That means that the last three weeks Kelly has failed to beat a years-old re-run of Dateline.

The Brickyard 400  aired just prior to Kelly’s show, which got pushed back to 9 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. The race drew a record 5.2 million viewers and Kelly struggled to retain a lot of the viewers on the network.

Kelly’s disastrously slow ratings have led people to wonder if the show will be around for much longer. NBC’s Sunday nights will soon be filled with football but what about after the season? Some network executives don’t think she will be asked back:

“Kelly’s disastrous ratings, in addition to giving Matt Lauer job security, have led executives to wonder whether her Sunday night program will even come back on the air after football season, which cannot come soon enough for Kelly and most Americans.”

Not asking Kelly back is probably best for everyone, NBC, their viewers, and the $17 million dollars they are paying her this year.