TMZ reports that several uber-sensitive NBA teams are considering ditching the term “owner,” arguing that the phrase “feels racially insensitive” given that the league is predominately made up of black players. Suggested alternatives include CEO, Chairman, or even Majority Shareholder, though it should be mentioned that “chairman” is not gender neutral. So far, the Philadelphia 76ers have changed their preferred terminology from “owners” to “Managing Partners” and “co-owners” to “Limited Partners,” while the Los Angeles Clippers now refer to their owner as “Chairman.” Facepalm.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

A number of NBA teams have been considering ditching the term “owner” and high-level conversations have taken place over the past year, according to a report from TMZ.

These conversations have focused on the idea that the term “owner” feels racially insensitive in a league that is predominantly made up of black players.

Several high-ranking sources from multiple teams tell us people have been talking about the issue for a while but it gained steam in late 2018 when Draymond Green appeared on LeBron James’ show, “The Shop,” and argued against teams using the term.

“You shouldn’t say owner,” Green said … noting the title should be changed to either CEO, Chairman or something like Majority Shareholder.