A group of French citizens were recently accosted by a group of unruly Muslim refugees. One of them is carrying a baseball bat. Others have knives and rocks. But the French would-be victims refuse to take it lying down.

“With the influx of Muslim refugees into Europe, violent attacks have spiked and the demand for guns of all kind is at an all time high,” the video’s description reads. “This video shows a group of ‘refugees’ attacking a man who they do not know has his concealed carry license and a firearm.”

They approach the French ready to attack. But then one of the men puts his hand on his concealed gun. He does not remove it from his holster as the refugees back away.

Considering the gun laws in France are more strict than any place in the United States, this guy had to jump through a lot of hoops (assuming he’s carrying legally) just to own a gun. But with violence escalating in his country it is clearly worth the effort.

Now that’s how you take care of business!