MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle sat down with liberal mega-donor Tom Steyer, who is behind a majorly unsuccessful attempt to have President Trump impeached. At one point during the interview, the hosts marveled at the fact that President Trump’s approval ratings have remained pretty steady for the most part. They opined that Trump voters were ‘selfish’ to explain this phenomenon.

“While we could find or do find the president’s constant lying or lawlessness or reprehensible behavior morally unacceptable, a lot of people vote pretty selfishly, and they say, ‘What’s going to give me more money in my pockets?’ ” Ruhle said.

“Or what’s going to make abortion illegal, or what’s going to make sure that my Second Amendment rights stay the same, and clearly, that adds up to enough people that the president still has [the support of] something akin to 40 percent of the electorate in polls,” Velshi added to the conversation.

They are essentially arguing that conservatives who vote for conservative issues are ‘selfish.’ They don’t say whether liberals voting for liberal issues are selfish though.

Steyer laughably argued that the booming economy isn’t all that booming, after all, saying, “When people talk about a successful economy, and that things are good, actually, for 80 percent of Americans, this isn’t working, at all.”

The economy has been one of President Trump’s best issues with Americans. He consistently polls well for his handling of the economy, which is pretty remarkable, since the 2016 elections proved that pollsters are unabashedly liberally biased.