MSNBC recently sent an investigative reporter to a detention facility for immigrant children in Texas. With a growing rumor about migrant children being kept in cages, MSNBC went to see for themselves. They didn’t find any kids in cages and they found that despite being separated from their families, the facilities were not bad.

This controversy stemmed from high-profile left-wingers circulating a photo of immigrant children sleeping in cages at the border. They wanted to use this as a condemnation of President Trump’s policies but that fell apart quickly when it was discovered the photo was actually taken during the Obama Administration.

MSNBC debunked this lie and found that conditions were not as dismal as the left makes it out to be:

“The Department of Health and Human Services let us inside because I think they wanted to show us, you know, relatively speaking, how good the conditions are, I guess you could say,” MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff explained. “I mean, there are licensed professionals in there who are taking care of the children, there are no cages, there are not fences that have been described at some of the border patrol stations.”

Soboroff also made clear that the conditions are still “prison-like” in the sense that the children have fairly strict schedules and are not allowed to leave the facility.

“The reality is these kids…are alone because they were ripped apart from their parents because of the zero-tolerance policy of the Trump administration,” he said.

That last little bit is not unexpected. After all, MSNBC can’t be seen giving completely good coverage to President Trump.