Conservative Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) told the White House that Judge Merrick Garland would make an excellent FBI Director.

The same Merrick Garland that President Obama nominated for the Supreme Court but was denied a vote by the Republican held senate. It seems too strange to be true, but it happened and the White House has a ‘mixed response,’ which is probably code word for “you’re out of your mind.” Charles Gasparino explains:

And here it is from Lee himself:

And of course, liberals LOVE the idea:

Of course, this could give Trump an advantage with the courts:

The Daily Caller was quick to note that Garland’s move to the FBI would also clear a seat on the critically important D.C. Circuit, thus allowing Trump to appoint a conservative to a court on which at this moment there are seven Democratic appointees and four Republican ones. Deploying the same impeccable logic that allowed the White House to convince itself that Democrats would celebrate the firing of Comey because they like Hillary Clinton more than the rule of law, the Caller argued that Democrats would be insane hypocrites to oppose the choice of Garland for the FBI gig: “Senate Democrats joined the previous administration in offering uniformly glowing assessments of Garland’s quality and experience. None could now plausibly marshal a convincing case against him, after mounting a year-long campaign to secure him a spot on the nation’s highest tribunal.”

But we’re not holding our breath on this happening.