Michelle Malkin called out the left for resisting the Trump administration’s decision to ask 2020 census respondents if they are citizens of the United States, reports Fox News.

Malkin went on Fox News this week to talk about her opinion over the new census question, and while immigration advocacy groups are protesting against the question, saying that it alienates and singles out immigrants in the country who then may not want to fill out the census.

At least 12 states announced they will file lawsuits against the administration, arguing the measure would be unlawful and would jeopardize the accuracy of the census.

“Only in America does a country get sued for asking who’s in it. It is complete insanity,” Malkin, a CRTV host, said on “Fox & Friends.”

She said this is all a “power grab” by the left, as the census results are used to determine federal spending, as well as the number of congressional seats allocated to each state for the next decade and the number of electoral votes available from each state.

“More people, more seats. And if you can count illegal aliens as part of that, it’s ‘no illegal alien left behind.’ That’s what we’re really talking about here,” Malkin said.

She noted that the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill — which she dubbed the “omni-bust the budget bill” — actually increased the Census Bureau’s budget to $3 billion.

“Hopefully it will not be used as a plundering slush fund for those left-wing groups that oppose this administration at every step.”

Malkin then commented on a recent tweet from Planned Parenthood that said statements like “we need a Disney princess who is pro-choice.” Malkin was of course appalled by this and said that the kinds of Disney princesses we need now are ones who aren’t afraid to stand up to this liberal ideology that kills innocent children’s lives.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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