Warren, Michigan Democratic Mayor Jim Fouts is facing backlash—again. An audio tape surfaced with him allegedly saying derogatory things about African Americans, women, and even people with disabilities. Fouts is known for these off color remarks which leaves residents and officials asking for his resignation. A city council member, Scott Stevens, is calling for Fouts immediate removal stating:

“That these people are lesser than us,” says Stevens. “And that they should die? Makes references to Kevorkian and stuff like that — that’s insane. Maybe we should also require that he gets a psychological examination too — now that I think about it.”

Fouts just keeps spouting vile statements about women, elderly people, and basically anyone that he feels like making offensive comments about.

In typical leftist fashion, Fouts is playing innocent and claiming the recordings do not sound like him, but he is having a hard time convincing audio experts of that. Fouts believes that the recordings are a mudslinging attempt or retaliation and that they were strategically released to the public right before he attended a MLK Jr. Day event in January. Fouts claims:

“The media as usual bombarded me with questions all at once and allowed an agitator to shout over me,” Fouts posted to his Facebook page.”

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WARNING: explicit language is used.

Mayor Fouts was set to introduce Hillary Clinton at an August rally, but the campaign bumped him at the last minute. He was almost removed from a Democratic debate in Flint, MI for cheering for Bernie Sanders.