On Megyn Kelly’s new NBC Today show, she was asked a question about Saudi Arabia’s new law that lets women drive, and she responded by criticizing the U.S. saying that women have “such a long way to go” on women’s rights here too, reports the Daily Caller.

As if how women are treated in Saudi Arabia could ever be compared to women in the U.S.  Kelly was really reaching with that comment, but nonetheless, all of the Kelly drones in the studio proceeded to agree with her.

After announcing that the Muslim country was beginning to allow women to drive, Kelly turned the question around and asked the studio audience if “in fact-women have achieved equality here?”

Only one brave soul in the audience raised their hand when she asked if anyone did think there was gender equality in the U.S.

It’s also no surprise too, that in the overwhelmingly female audience, they would all raise their hand when Kelly asked if they thought women had not reached equality yet in the U.S.  The few men that were in the crowd probably felt that they had to go along with Kelly’s ruse for fear that they would be labeled sexists.

Kelly also said, “That is how I feel too. I just feel like we have such a long way to go. I mean, obviously, Saudi Arabia has much, much longer. But, we gotta work on our own house, and we got a lot of things we can improve here.

She adds, “Saudi Arabia–yes progress, so good, but–keep workin on it!”

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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