Megyn Kelly

You may have forgotten that Megyn Kelly is still on television. I certainly did. But in an ever harsh struggle to remain relevant Kelly dropped to a new low yesterday.

Kelly and her panel were responding to Rudy Giuliani’s comments about porn star Stormy Daniels when he said, “I don’t respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman or a woman of substance or a woman who has great respect for herself as a woman and as a person, and isn’t going to sell her body for sexual exploitation.”

This started a bizarre interchange between Kelly and her panelists on the virtues of being a porn star. They insisted that porn stars are career and business-oriented women who work very hard. Then Kelly went way too far, accusing Melania Trump of being involved in sexual exploitation herself:

“And can I just tell you, so the notion that, you know, he respects women of substance, a woman who won’t sell her body for sexual exploitation. So Melania Trump is classy and gorgeous, and I really admire her, but she has posed nude for GQ magazine back in 2000. [Applause] And so, to suggest that Trump would never respect, and that Giuliani wouldn’t respect anybody who’s ever sold her body for sexual exploitation, I mean, is not –”

She did then say, “…now, I’m not comparing the two, posing nude is not the same as being a porn star – but come on. Right? Come on.” Of course, the damage had already been done.

Perhaps sensing that what she said was boneheaded and ignorant, she backtracked a bit to play “devils advocate” as she described:

“I went back and I looked at Stormy Daniels’ Twitter feed, which I cannot say that I recommend to you. But she’s very open about how she is offensive, how she’s offensive. And talking about “Whores do lie, but on their backs. Sometimes we kneel or bend over.” “Have you seen my [blank]. Of course you have.” “F-off” to people on Twitter. Talking about what kind of sex she’ll do on camera in very vulgar terms. So there is a contingent of folks out there watching Giuliani who are going to be, like, “Right!” I’m playing devil’s advocate.”

Sounds like a classy woman for sure.

This response from NY Times reporter Megan Twohey on how porn stars are the epitome of work ethic might be even stupider than Kelly’s comments:

“I was doing reporting on Stormy Daniels this winter, and I actually traveled out to Los Angeles for the Golden Globes equivalent for the porn industry….Stormy was up for best director for a film at the time. I thought maybe I’d be able to catch her there. She didn’t show. But I actually spent a lot of time talking to women in the adult entertainment industry and spent – you know, have had many conversations with women in the field since then. And you can say whatever you want about them, but they are certainly career women. I mean, these are professional women who take their jobs very seriously. And oftentimes are running their own companies and directing their own films. And it’s just, I think that beyond what he’s saying about Stormy Daniels, to do a categoric dismissal of this, you know, entire profession of women is – you know, is uncalled for.”

The irony that Megyn Kelly made these comments is not lost on most who are familiar with the news star. She posed in a very risque photo shoot recently. And an even more risque shoot a few years ago.

Here is the video, if you can stomach it: