After reportedly paying $17 million to get Megyn Kelly’s new show “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” off the ground, NBC may want to land it right back on the ground. The shows ratings have been extremely low since its debut in June but here are 4 shows that somewhat surprisingly beat out Kelly in the ever important ratings race.

Dateline: The most recent episode of Kelly’s show saw a season low 3.21 million people tune in. This was beaten out by a re-run of a years-old show, Dateline which drew 3.73 million eyes. While the shows were not aired on the same night and therefore did not compete with each other Kelly and NBC should still be ashamed.

America’s Funniest Home Videos: This is a little bit worse. Kelly’s news program lost out to a show that airs videos of funny kids and pets. Whats better is that Kelly’s show was beaten by re-runs of the show…by a lot…on the same night. Kelly drew 3.21 million viewers while “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (AFHV) brought in 4.46 million. In addition, the ratings for “AFHV” were double that of Kelly’s show in the crucial 18-49 age demographic.

60 Minutes: The show that “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” was supposed to replace as everyone’s Sunday night news source beat her by a staggering 3.98 million viewers. “60 Minutes” drew 7.19 million views to Kelly’s 3.21 million.

Candy Crush: Okay this is a bit ridiculous. A show, hosted by “Saved by the Bell” star Mario Lopez, based on a popular cellphone game, earned 4.13 million viewers, nearly a million more than Kelly’s 3.21 million.

More Americans would rather watch re-runs of years-old shows, shows that are based on goofy kid and animal videos, and a show based on a cellphone game than “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly”. Maybe its time for NBC to cut their losses and find a host who can actually draw some viewers.