Trump Victory

Senator-elect Doug Jones’ surprising victory in Alabama has many predicting that next years midterm elections could result in Republicans losing control of one or both houses of Congress. However, if President Trump and the incumbent Representatives and Senators up for election have anything to do with it, the Republicans may extend their majorities in both houses. Or at least avoid the loss of any seats.

President Trump has been working hard for the past year to ensure that Republicans running for election or re-election in 2018 would have a solid party-base to stand on. While it did take longer than expected, with the passage of the Tax bill, candidates finally have a signature reform to hang their hat on. If the new law is successful Republicans should have an easier chance winning new seats, and more importantly retaining the seats they already have.

Democrats need to only win 2 additional Senate seats and 25 additional House seats to take control of the respective houses of Congress so Republicans are on edge about the upcoming midterm elections. However, the Tax bill does provide those Republican’s running for office some positive news to use in their campaigns.

However, the bills only success was not the lowering of taxes as the White House pointed out.

“At the end of the year, you see the president achieving things and getting results. We had, basically, a hat-trick of accomplishments coming in all at once in the tax bill.”

Not only does the bill bring lower taxes to nearly every person in the country. It allows for oil drilling in Alaska which will help reduce American dependence on foreign oil and only help the already booming economy. The bill also discarded the individual mandate provision of Obamacare, probably the most hated provision of the largely unpopular attempt at government healthcare enacted 7 years ago.

This ‘hat-trick’ of accomplishments concludes a year in which President Trump also secured Neil Gorsuch’s spot on the Supreme Court, but also the swearing-in of dozens of justices to the lower courts. President Trump also took the first step in its extreme vetting of immigrants and refugees by passing its travel ban and having it upheld multiple times at the Supreme Court level. This year also saw the administration roll back numerous Obama-era regulations to help put the people back in charge.

Republicans in Congress were able to extend federal spending until early next year, much to the dismay of Democrats who had planned on refusing to extend funding unless DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) benefits were extended.  There is no reason that Republicans should not be able to extend the funding with a full-fledged budget bill at the beginning of 2018.

With all of the successes of President Trump and Republican’s any worry about their chances in 2018 may have been put to rest.