Donald Trump and the media.

Dan Gainor, Vice Pre of Business and Culture at Media Research Center, told Breitbart News today that the media has declared open war against Donald Trump. And it what is even more astounding, he hasn’t even taken office yet.

Gainor says:

“Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn-in yet but the liberal media has obsessed almost over every Trump tweet and controversy. Conversely, Barack Obama’s administration has been full of scandals and gaffes but liberal reporters have insisted that his record is clean as a whistle.

“As for the incoming Trump administration, Gainor told Marlow [Breitbart News], ‘They covered Donald Trump 91 percent negative in the final twelve weeks of the campaign. I think it’s as close to a hundred percent as you can be.’

“Concluded Gainor, ‘They’ve declared open war against Donald Trump … against a presidency that hasn’t even started, yet.’”

Media Research Center has a nice rundown of all the scandals in the Obama Administration. It is ridiculous to assert that the Obama Administration has been scandal free. It is fair, however, to say the media has failed to acknowledge the many scandals.