Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has never announced any intentions for running for public office. Yet Wired today speculates that such a move might be possible. It seems that with Donald Trump proving that a successful businessman with no political experience can win the highest office in the land, maybe others can as well.

Wired reports in an article titled “Mark Zuckerberg Is Sure Acting Like Someone Who Might Run For President,”

“…he’s made some moves in the past few days that have restarted the speculation. On Tuesday, in his annual (and annually publicized) New Year’s resolution announcement, Zuckerberg vowed to travel to 30 US states to ensure he will have visited and met people from all fifty by the end of 2017. Campaigning much?”

But how could he give up his beloved Facebook to a blind trust in order to run for the White House? He recently made some moves to secure his position in such an eventuality:

“In June during Facebook’s annual meeting, company shareholders voted to approve a restructuring of Facebook stock that would ensure Zuckerberg keeps his majority ownership even if the company issues more shares. Zuckerberg pushed this plan to enable him to give away much of his vast wealth via his and his wife’s philanthropic organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, while still retaining control of the company he co-founded. Of course, If Zuckerberg dies, gets fired, or leaves the company on his own, he’ll still lose control.

“But buried in the public filing is one big exception, one that Zuckerberg reportedly fought hard for: he can take a leave of absence from Facebook and still retain voting control of the company if he goes to work for the government. More specifically, as long as Zuckerberg owns enough of Facebook—30 percent or more of shares he owned at the time of signing the stock restructuring agreement—he can serve in government. And if he owns less than 30 percent, he just needs board approval. If he doesn’t get that, he can still serve in public office if the government position has a two-year term limit. (A Facebook representative confirmed this is how the agreement works.)”

And here’s one last tidbit that could make Zuckerberg a serious player. 44% of American adults now get their news from Facebook. That’s serious messaging power.