In a stunning turn of events, the liberal Washington Post Editorial Board published a piece on Wednesday begging Democrats to accept President’ Trump’s border wall in return for the protection of “DREAMers” and the illegal immigrants protected under the DACA program reports The Daily Caller.

The Post’s article isn’t super enthusiastic about the building of the wall and it’s not like they are giving out ideas about how to build the wall, but they argue that Democrats should take the deal to build the wall because it would ultimately be a worthwhile trade-off to protect “dreamers.”

“’If a few billion dollars annually is the trade-off that provides certainty — a pathway to citizenship or permanent legal status — for nearly 700,000 young immigrants brought to this country as children by their parents, it’s worth it. Because the alternative — all those lives ruined, all those jobs lost, all that education and promise cut short — is much worse,’ the Editorial Board writes.”

The Editorial Board further notes that increased border security has historically been a bipartisan issue, such as in 2006 when both Senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama voted to support 700 miles of fencing on the Mexican border.

The Editorial Board aren’t coming over to the Republican side of the aisle anytime soon, but this admission is a big surprise for most conservative news sources and an unexpected admission from the paper that is now owned by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

While the Editorial Board supports a deal that trades border wall funding for the protection of “DREAMers” the Board rejects other demands made by Republican immigration hawks, including chain migration.

The Post concludes that while not desirable, compromise with Republicans on the future of “dreamers” is necessary. Well, at least the liberal newspapers understand compromise, too bad their senators and representatives don’t understand the concept to well.

“In politics, as in life, compromise is often painful. That doesn’t mean you refuse it,” writes The Post.