It is truly a sad day when the mainstream media doesn’t even discuss the brutal execution of a police officer. MSNBC said nothing about it in their 6AM-9AM morning show and CNN gave it a total of 92 sec. The life of a 12 year veteran, 48 year old mother of 3 did not fit their agenda, so they did not report on her. This is truly sad that the mainstream media is so focused on trying to give the President of the United States a bad name, that they can’t even report on real news. Fox and Friends covered the shooting for almost an entire show whereas CNN covered it for a “whopping” 92 sec.

Miosotis Familia was a 12 year NYPD veteran and 48 year old mother of 3. She was brutally executed in her car next to her partner. She died almost instantly. Yet what was the mainstream media covering? They were probably covering another one of President Trump’s tweets and how it incites violence.

Here is a video posted by Fox News Insider with an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro: