College campuses have long championed the left and their crazy ideas about what constitutes “white privilege.” Well according to Iowa professor Sarah Bond the use of white marble in classical statues constitutes “white privilege.”

She wrote in an article for Hyperallergic, that she felt the use of white marble helped fuel white supremacy claims in today’s political climate.

A professor at The University of Iowa said appreciation of “white marble” used in classical artwork has created “white supremacist ideas today.”

Professor Sarah Bond indicated in a Hyperallergic article that “many of the statues, reliefs, and sarcophagi created in the ancient Western world were in fact painted,” and the “white marble” used in artwork were meant to be colored.

Bond also said that “the equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe,” and therefore is “a dangerous construct that continues to influence white supremacist ideas today.”

The professor also argues that “most museums and art history textbooks contain a predominantly neon white display of skin tone,” which “has an impact on the way we view the antique world.”

“The assemblage of neon whiteness serves to create a false idea of homogeneity — everyone was very white! — across the Mediterranean region,” she said, later saying that the misapprehensions of the classical era give “further ammunition for white supremacists today, including groups like Identity Europa, who use classical statuary as a symbol of white male superiority.”

Crazy liberal professors always find new ways to try to brainwash their students to believing their crazy ideas. But this is on a whole new level.