The United Kingdom’s House of Commons Speaker John Berkow recently indicated that religious freedom ‘must yield’ to LGBTQ rights. He said that LGBTQ rights are “human rights” despite religious freedom being accepted as a human right for centuries.

“Gay rights, lesbian rights, bi rights and trans rights are not gay rights, lesbian rights, bi rights or trans rights, they are human rights,” he said, “and that seems to me to be the inescapable conclusion of any serious consideration of these matters.”

The Daily Wire has more:

Though Bercow claims to “respect people’s rights to adhere to and profess their faith,” he still said that when “somebody’s adherence to faith on the one hand and the acknowledgement of and demonstration of respect for human rights” come into conflict, “the latter has to trump the former.”

“If there are people who take a different view, no doubt they will profess it, but that is my absolutely clear sense,” he reiterated. “The rights of LGBT people of this country and of such people around the world are human rights and need to be acknowledged as such.”

Bercow referred to a 1988 law that forbid the promotion of homosexuality in sex education classes as “the single most pernicious piece of legislation in the post-war period.” That law was repealed in 2003, and it is odd that Bercow finds it to be the most “pernicious” following World War II, considering that Britain allowed racial discrimination before going on to permit abortion, according to LifeSiteNews.

Bercow is a strong supporter of leftist social policies. He has a rainbow flag in his official heraldic Coat of Arms, pushed to legalize abortion in Ireland, and advocated for the destruction of embryos for stem cell research.