Senator Tim Scott is one of the main drafters of the much-anticipated Tax Bill that just passed the House and Senate this week. Senator Scott not only helped draft the bill in its entirety, he specifically worked on some of the core provisions and has swayed many skeptical Senators to vote for the bill.

However, this apparently was not enough for one Huffington Post writer who decided that the only reason Scott was in any of the photos of the passage of the bill was because he was black. Andy Ostroy, the writer, has since taken down his tweet, thankfully some were able to repost the material prior to it being taken down.

“What a shocker… there’s ONE black person there and sure enough they have him standing right next to the mic like a manipulated prop. Way to go @SenatorTimScott.#trump#taxscambill”

Ostroy’s initial tweet even had 78 retweets and 174 likes. This probably gave him a good feeling inside. As if he had done the right thing by attacking the racist administration and the bad tax bill. That is until Senator Scott decided he had to step in and say something in response.

Senator Scott just absolutely put Ostroy in his place. To call out the liberal media for assuming that he was just a prop for the Republican backed bill probably felt great for Senator Scott. Senator Scott is the first Republican African-American Senator elected from a southern state since 1881. And he did not achieve that because of the color of his skin. It is because he champions the conservative ideal and represents his constituency well.

Of course that is probably why liberals like Andy Ostroy feel the need to attack him and then put up phony, insincere apologies to try and cover up their errors.