The truth of the liberal media has never been in question. It’s non-existent, they frequently make up stories, make up facts, and attack people under false pretenses. But this is a new low.

Mediate noticed that the ratings for “NBC Nightly News” with Lester Holt looked a little off. So they did a little digging and found out that the show changed their name to “NBC Nitely News”.

Shows have changed their names for a day for a variety of reasons like holidays. But this is the first time a show has changed its name on the Friday before Memorial Day. And the reason they did it isn’t that surprising when it comes to the media.

Apparently, the Friday before Memorial Day is typically a slow news day so the average ratings of programs tends to decline. In addition, ABC’s “World News Tonight” has been hot on the heels of NBC in viewership, for the first time in over 20 years. NBC felt the heat and set forth with the lie.

By changing their name just for Friday, “Nightly News” was able to remove that night’s scores from their viewership. This gave them the advantage over ABC for the week.

Turns out that this isn’t the first time NBC has been caught lying to get better ratings. In 2015 they aired Nightly News overnight to boost viewership ratings in certain cities, effectively getting two scores in one night.

It seems that the liberal media is so caught up in their own lies it is even effecting their names of their shows.