Leftist activists from such groups as SumOfUs are demanding that Mastercard blacklist those deemed “hate groups” by the anti-conservative, anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center. “I’m here to inform you that you have lost control of your financial network. Thanks to your financial partners, you are open for business with criminals,” SumOfUs representative Nandini Jammi told Mastercard’s shareholders. Among the organizations on the blacklist are the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), ACT for America, the American College of Pediatricians, the American Family Association, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, the Center for Family and Human Rights, the Center for Security Policy, and Jihad Watch.

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On Tuesday, leftist activists targeted Mastercard’s shareholder meeting, demanding the Board of Directors adopt a “human rights committee” dedicated to blacklisting organizations unfairly accused of being “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Activists with the group SumOfUs pestered the board with spurious questions about “doing business with criminals” in pursuit of its “blood money” campaign.

Nandini Jammi, a representative of the leftist group SumOfUs, demanded the shareholders and board members support proposal five, “which asks the board of directors to create a human rights committee at the board level. At least 2,300 people have written to their pensions and mutual funds in support of this proposal, and 127,000 people have signed a petition calling on Mastercard to stop processing payments for far-right hate groups.”