Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock on Thursday pushed back against President Donald Trump’s decision to cut a planned 2.1 percent pay raise for civilian federal employees, which was supposed to take effect at the start of 2019, Weekly Standard reported.

Trump wrote a letter to congressional leaders in which he stated that he would freeze the wages of federal employees to save money. “We must maintain efforts to put our nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases,” his letter stated.

Trump also wrote that he would halt plans for separate geographic pay increases. Military members will still be given a 2.6 percent wage hike.

The move to freeze federal pay already appears unpopular in Congress, especially among members who represent significant portions of the federal workforce around the country. Comstock, who represents a district filled with federal employees, said in a statement Thursday afternoon that she would urge her colleagues to do just that.

“I strongly oppose eliminating the pay raise for civilian federal employees and will work with my colleagues to have the pay raise included in our appropriations,” she wrote. “We cannot balance the budget on the backs of our federal employees and I will work with my House and Senate colleagues to keep the pay increase in our appropriations measures that we vote on in September.”

This loss of mind by the leftists in Congress was expected, as they try to present themselves as “dedicated civil servants,” but once a pay decrease is presented — for the betterment of common citizens — all of the sudden it’s a problem.

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