Late night Hosts

The state of late night ‘comedy’ has suffered since each host declared war on President Trump some months ago. They’re not even trying to hide it at this point, launching monologues ranting against Trump and his policies. Well now, America has responded in a big way – and advertisers on these shows are not going to like the results.

The late night shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC are barely breaking 8 millions viewers. By comparison, Jay Leno used to routinely boast 6 million viewers a night by himself. People are turning off Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and others at an alarming rate.

So what’s the problem? Politics, politics, politics. The Washington Examiner explains:

“What caused the network comics to start flopping? Obviously, the generational demographics and technological developments can’t be discounted — millennials don’t watch as much television, and if they do it’s online or after the fact. Assuming those younger viewers aren’t suddenly going to stay up late to watch broadcast TV, then maybe something else has to give.

“But compare the late-night comedy numbers to Sean Hannity over at Fox News and Rachel Maddow at MSNBC. Those hacks don’t tell jokes (at least not well, anyway) but they still bring in more views. Domenech points out that Hannity averaged 3.5 million viewers, Maddow another 2.65 million last week. (Granted, these shows air before 11 p.m.)

“Perhaps the late-night lineup should consider dialing down the politics to keep the viewers they have and stop alienating the 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump. At the very least, it’s worth a try.”

President Trump himself sparked a national debate with a seemingly throw-a-way tweet indicating the government may have something to say about the one-sided onslaught:

A baseless threat, for sure, but it should send notice to his supporters that it’s time to turn off late-night politico-comedy.