While President Trump has learned to move on from talking about the 2016 election, his former opponent, Hillary Clinton cannot say the same thing. Now even Democrats are starting to get annoyed with her antics and want her to just shut up about it, reports Zero Hedge.

Zero Hedge reported that Clinton’s own former campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle slammed Hillary over her bizarre recent comments. The Hill reported that some of Clinton’s former aides, surrogates and ideological peers are echoing and saying the former Secretary of State should maybe tone down her constant mentions of the 2016 election, some are even angry about the fact and think it’s damaging the Democratic party.

An example of her annoyance can be seen just this past weekend when she attended a conference in India and boasted about her own supporters while degrading and insulting Trump supporters.

Clinton boasted that states that backed her in the election were more “economically advanced” than states that backed Trump. That remark echoed another Clinton gem – her famous “basket of deplorables” comparison – which helped galvanize popular opinion against the former first lady by exposing her for the out-of-touch elitist she is.

Clinton also claimed that women who voted for Trump mostly did so because that’s what their husbands (or sons or bosses) wanted, which doesn’t sound like the feminist ideology that a lot of liberals like to claim she supports.

Even Clinton’s closest allies admitted that these comments were “cringe-worthy,” and they worried Clinton’s continuing commentary could hurt red-state Democrats during the mid-terms in November 2018.

“She put herself in a position where [Democrats] from states that Trump won will have to distance themselves from her even more,” said one former senior Clinton aide. “That’s a lot of states.”

Another surrogate who spoke with the Hill questioned Clinton’s rationale for making these remarks, and for months now, many party insiders have privately grumbled that her remarks have been counterproductive.

Though one former Obama aide argued that, if Clinton can’t or won’t be silenced, it’d be best if she got all of these responsibility-deflecting comments out of her system.

One former senior Obama White House aide added, “If these statements are a form of catharsis, it would be in the Democratic Party’s best interest for her to get these out of her system soon.”

“We need leaders like her to look forward to 2020 and how to unify the party, not continue to re-litigate the past,” the aide said.

Even a spokesman for the Republican National Committee admitted that, though they’ve been trying *not* to focus on Clinton – her latest gaffe was too funny to ignore.

“At the RNC, we try not to continue to focus on Hillary Clinton. We really do try very hard,” Reed said. “But this one is impossible to ignore.”

Clinton also claimed during her diatribe that Trump voters “don’t like black people getting rights,” and “don’t like women getting jobs.”

“Putting aside how absurd and wrong she is, rhetoric like this is the reason Sen. [Jon] Tester was forced to release an ad today, 8 months before Election Day, attempting to highlight areas of agreement with President Trump,” the RNC spokesman said. “The Democrat brand is isolated, elitist, and as out-of-touch as it ever has been.”

And as long as Democratic candidates are chained to this perception of the other half of Americans who didn’t vote for her, then she is never going to change anyone’s mind and will continue to lose elections. They might even lose to Trump in 2020.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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