Megyn Kelly is getting a lot of heat from her executives at NBC after her comments about liberal icon Jane Fonda, Page Six learned, and now the prominent members of NBC are worried that Kelly won’t be able to book prominent celebrity guests.

The spat all began when Kelly asked an awkward question when Fonda was on her morning show promoting a new movie with Robert Redford. In the interview, she asks Jane Fonda about her refusal to talk about her history with plastic surgery and Fonda responds, “You really want to talk about that?”

Since that interview, Fonda has said that she regrets going on the show.

Kelly decided to give her own rebuttal by dredging up Fonda’s “Hanoi Jane” episode and argued that the actress was in no position to “say what’s offensive.”

Kelly defended her choice in the statement and since Fonda was on the show to promote a movie about aging then how was Kelly to know that Fonda’s appearance, which she has made a huge industry off of her workout videos in the 1980’s, was apparently off limits to talk about.

But after Fonda had brought up the incident repeatedly, Kelly had decided that “it’s time to address [Fonda’s] ‘poor me’ routine.”

The morning host said that Fonda had happily discussed the topic in other interviews, then launched into a diatribe about Fonda’s controversial opposition to the Vietnam War.

Sources say the public flogging shocked Kelly’s fellow NBC News staffers.

“The problem is that nobody at NBC is controlling Megyn. They paid her more than $20 million to host the 9 a.m. show, and she’s been given too much power. But the fact remains: You can’t say those things, or be so aggressive, on morning TV,” said an insider. “Plus, Megyn was already having trouble booking celebrities — so how is she ever going to book other stars if they disagree and she goes on air later and trashes them?”

After the Fonda incident and the Debra Messing issue who has also publicly said that she regretted going on the show to promote the “Will & Grace” reboot, and some publicists have privately said they are disinclined to book talent on her show.

No one from the show has commented.